Another Performer!

Some days it’s just cool to be alive. Like days when doing your job entails going online to listen to snippets of Andrea Stern’s fantastic harp work as part of your research for a brief blog post on her. (She’s another one of the performers in the upcoming ‘Spirit in the House,’ and the blurb on our official website didn’t tell me much.) She is amazingly talented. But don’t take my word for it–well, you could, but it’d be much less fun–check her out at I personally recommend ‘The Swan,’ ‘Mosaic,’ and ‘Be Thou My Vision.’ Oh, and I also loved her ‘Ave Maria’ and ‘Carolan’s Melody.’ Oh, and I can’t forget ‘Ode to Joy.’

“And what have we learned today, class?”

“That Andrea Stern kicks ass, ma’am.”

“That’s right, dear. Have a gold star.”

In addition to this vital fact, I also gleaned that Andrea Stern is a Minneapolis-based harpist, with an eclectic musical style that contains everything from Celtic to classic to pop to Broadway–I was hooked from the moment I heard her harp version of Leonard Bernstein’s ‘One Hand, One Heart.’ She also possesses a list of accomplishments you could use to bungee jump off Mount Everest. A very much in-demand teacher, she also provides music to healing and hospice facilities. She has performed as both a soloist and with orchestras from North and South America, and she tours all over the world as a featured performer on cruise ships. Recently she was the Principal Harpist for the Minnesota Opera. Somehow she also found the time to release four recordings, which feature lots of her own arrangements and compositions.

Hey! You know what would be even more fun than listening to her online! Listening to her in person! You should come to ‘Spirit in the House!’ Plus there’s the thrilling opportunity to buy refreshments from me, but I’m pretty sure Andrea Stern and her awesome co-performers are a bigger draw. 🙂


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