Fresh Fruit

No, I did not fall down a well without Lassie or a similar canine counterpart to rescue me. I had finals. Kind of like falling down a well, but more painful. And then I wasn’t in the Twin Cities for awhile, because I went home for winter break. But I’m back now! And exciting things are happening! Including that new sign in the little Patrick’s Cabaret garden! (If it turns out that said sign has actually been there for months, please don’t tell me. I tend to possess the observational capabilities of a concussed sea cucumber, and am therefore inordinately proud when I do manage to notice anything in a relatively quick fashion.)

But the most exciting new thing happening is that Leigh Combs has invited me to be on Fresh Fruit tomorrow to talk about the Cabaret! Fresh Fruit is a program aired on KFAI (90.3 Minneapolis, 106.7 Saint Paul) since 1978, making it the longest running Queer radio show in the country. It goes from 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM every Thursday. So tomorrow I make my premiere. *gulp* All my previous radio experience consists of watching my friend Colleen win a bajillion radio medals on the Eureka High School Speech Team. But I’m still totally psyched. (Am I allowed to say ‘psyched’ anymore? Or did I just time-warp deep into the past?) I’ll be talking about our new online gift store (blog post to come, in case you don’t catch the show) and interviewing Dean Seal about the newest Spirit in the House Cabaret (again, blog post to come, in case you don’t catch the show).