Kinetic Kitchen Interview with Karis Sloss

Karis Sloss

1. What is it that you love most about the artistic work you do, and why?

I have wanted to choreograph since I was very young. My inspiration has always come from music. When I hear a great piece of music I am just flooded with movement ideas. I feel my work lives in the jazz genre of movement with breaths of other genres. I love the artistic work I do because I feel that it is accessible to audiences. I try to be eclectic in my pieces, so that they are completely different from each other. Audience members can usually find at least one piece that they can feel or relate to.

2. How is performing at Patrick’s Cabaret different from doing so at other venues?

This will be the first time we perform at Patrick’s and I am very excited to be a part of Kinetic Kitchen. I am excited to be a part of a collection of work along with other talented choreographers. It is different performing as a part of Kinetic Kitchen because in this production I am working only as the director and choreographer; I am not having to worry about everything else that goes into producing, as I do in our other productions.

3. What would you say are the major influences on your work?

I think that major influences in my choreography has to be music. Music is my number one influence with a close second being my company. They are so dedicated and present in all of our rehearsals. Putting chopreography on them and seeing how they respond and their passion is truly inspiring. Then I have to tip my hat to all of the choreographers who continue to have a huge influence on me: Jack Cole, Ben Fosse, Jerome Robbins, Garth Fagen, Zoe Sealy, Lewis Whitlock and Daniel Buraczeski.

4.What is one thing about yourself, your work, your philosophy, whatever, that you think should definitely make it into the blog post?

My philosophy in life is keep your dreams close, clear and keep pushing forward, don’t wait for them to happen, make it happen. I am lucky to have the dancers, composers, designers that give so much time, energy to my labor of love EEE. EEE is a close family. When you are lucky to find a group of dancers who are so passionate and dedicated everything else just falls into place. I want them to know how much I appreciate them, and I want to treat them with repect and gratitude. Any successes that EEE has goes to them.