Adrienne Vaughn

Adrienne Vaughn, newcomer to the Cabaret but hopefully a future regular, describes her passion in life as being creative, writing and singing songs to express moments in life. She got a good head start: she grew up singing with her father and sister, and has always written songs, with or without instrumental accompaniment. Her father “tried putting a guitar in my hands since grade school and encouraged me to play.  It didn’t really take until I was sixteen.”

Of her music she says, “I try to be authentic and honest, and I hope people enjoy what we have to offer.” She listened to a wide variety of music growing up, garnering inspirations and influences like Mary Lou Lord, Sebadoh, Bob Dylan, Elliot Smith, Alison Krauss, and Johnny Cash. What interest her the most were “lyrics that locked me into a feeling or thought…I wanted to do the same. I saw it as a way to express myself.”

Adrienne will be expressing herself onstage this weekend with fellow See and Sky band member Corey Brunsvold, who she met a few years ago in a project called Incommunicado. The band broke up, but Adrienne and Corey started dating! They still wanted to play together so they pulled in their friend Mike Gunnerson and began recording new songs as See and Sky.

Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Come on down this weekend to catch their act and the rest of the Pre-Fixe Cabaret. (For more info, Hope you enjoyed this post; next up is Alison Bergblom-Johnson!


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