Anat Shinar

Anat Shinar has performed at Patrick’s Cabaret many times in the past, beginning in 2003 with Kats Fukasawa, but this weekend is the first time presenting her own work. She is an accomplished dancer and choreographer, having received two Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program grants for her research and choreography on the performance of genocide, how “genocide is represented in art, all kinds of art, theater, dance, film, sculpture, painting and music… how art is used to teach the Holocaust and used to evoke and convey more than just it’s written history.” Focusing on her family’s experiences, she made a 30 minute piece telling their story during the Holocaust, “intermingled stories of those who survived and those you didn’t.”   

A lot of self-reflection was involved in the creative process for this weekend’s piece.  “I spent a lot of time journaling about what it means to me to be an artist, why I want people to see my work and what I want to show them.  I spent time thinking about what it means to looked at, why I want to be looked at and what i want the audience to see.  Some questions I could answer and some I couldn’t.  I took those notes and started making movement from it.” The final product, she hopes, will evoke self-relfection of their own in the audience members.


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