Salivia Jones (Brooke Murphy)

Now, normally unless I’m rushed for time or under direct threat by the Obsidian Order, I try to take the interview responses and make them into an article, rather than listing the questions and the responses. If fills more space, it fills more time (I am paid by the hour), it’s (I hope) a pleasure to read. But today, despite the fact that I actually have more time than I thought–I would have more, but my body and brain have this odd physiological response where they start to shut down around 1 AM–and the fact that the Obsidian Order have not bothered me in ages (probably off plotting the glorious rise of Cardassia), I am going to do the numbered question/answer format. Why, you ask? Or don’t ask, which is too bad, because I’m going to answer you anyway.

Because the persona Saliva Jones is far too awesome and amusing to edit out or switch around any of her responses.

See for yourself:

1. Have you performed at Patrick’s Cabaret before? When?

Why yes, Gabriela. Thank you for asking! Mistress Ginger and I
performed excerpts from our cabaret act, “Broadway Bound… and
Gagged,” at Patrick’s Beautiful Cabaret a few years ago.

2. How did your band come to be?

Well, since performing with Mistress Ginger, who is my absolute
inspiration, and without whom, I wouldn’t be the rich, Silverback Cunt
I am today, I have been coming out of my shell more and more! I find
I have a lot to say on the subjects of sexuality, shame, and living life
to the fullest. So I’ve been eager to share these thoughts with as
many of my fellow human animals as possible. And of course, opening
these dialogues will no doubt generate some interesting conversations
and ideas, from which I will no doubt learn quite a bit! So I have
had these notions floating about within me for some time now. I
recently took an outing to a potato farm, where I found Pasqual and
Chauncey! Pasqual was loading potatoes into a truck, and Chauncey was
feeding a sick animal. It was truly kismet! There was something so
vulnerable and real about them, so I approached them and asked them
to be my best friends. And they said YES! Well, the next thing you
know we were playing together in this rock-theatre troupe we call
Saliva’s Wedge.

As for our troupe’s name, people often get Saliva’s Wedge confused
with Occam’s Razor. What is Occam’s Razor, you may ask? Good
question. Well, Occam’s Razor is a principle which states that the
simplest explanation for a mystery of phenomenon is probably the
correct one. Whereas MY principle, Saliva’s Wedge, is a principle
which states that the most absurdly sexual explanation is most likely
the correct one.

For example: You hear a knocking noise emanating from your bedroom
closet. Your mind goes crazy. “Is it a ghost?” you wonder aloud. Is it
a monster trying to claw through the closet wall? Occam’s Razor would
suggest it’s probably just the furnace on the other side of the closet
wall. But Saliva’s Wedge says that the closet itself is probably the
vagina of the house. And every time you go in there for some clothes,
it thinks you are going to inseminate. It starts pulsating. knocking.
It wants to get knocked up by YOU. You should be flattered! But, in
order to get the knocking to stop, you’re going to have to fuck it
with your entire body.

We named our troupe after my principle because it is a deliciously
ridiculous way to look at the mysteries of life.

3. What would you say your musical influences are?

I grew up secretly listening to a multitude of musical styles:
*Old funk and R&B such as the band known as Rufus & Chaka Khan
*Classic rock – Heart, Jethro Tull, Styx
*”Yacht Rock” – Hall & Oates and The Doobie Bros.
*Musical theatre sensations – Sondheim, Julie Andrews, Barbra Streisand
*Bittersweet pop – The Free Design, Billy Joel
*Progressive rock – Genesis, Gentle Giant

And now, I really sink my teeth into:
*Local groups – Bubblemath and Run At The Dog
*The Most Inspiring Group of Human Musicians! – Sleepytime Gorilla Museum

Oh, if my mother, Goody Goodwife – yes that was her actual name, mind
you – had only known I was listening to anything but Our Lord’s Hymns
of Shame, she truly would have excommunicated me from our small New
England community. Luckily I was able to sneak off and sing to the
white sea birds on this terribly precarious, craggly point on the
Atlantic near my mother’s house. The birds’ surprising appreciation
is what got me through my childhood and gave me the courage to play
music with my new potato-farm-friends, Chauncey and Pasqual, both of
whom are superbly talented musicians and from whom I receive many
delicious musical ideas! Those two darlings have encouraged me to no

4. What attracts you about the combination of theatre and music?

Well, I just have so much to share with anyone who will engage with
me! Sometimes my ideas are best spoken plainly, sometimes in the
heightened form of song, sometimes via juggling and movement, or even
touch, and sometimes… via sexual surprises. At this phase of my
life, I’m ready to bust out and finally be free from shame – so, no
restrictions, please!

5. What is one thing you would like the audience to walk away from
your performance knowing/feeling?

Oh, that’s a simply wonderful question, dear. It is my sincere hope
that after our exhibition, the audience will feel ALIVE! Yes, in some
way stimulated ~* But truly, however they feel is valid. Whatever
their experiences are. Even if they don’t agree with my notions, or
like the way we have delivered those notions. I think Chauncey and
Pasqual would agree with me when I say that we want people to feel
good about themselves afterwards – validated and SEEN. We’re here to
connect with people, to pro-create!

Thank you for your time, my dear, and I look forward to meeting you one day!

Yours in this moment,
Saliva Jones (aka Brooke Murphy 🙂


Jacqueline White

EDIT: I used the wrong last name.

It’s been six years since Jacqueline White has performed at Patrick’s, the first time occuring in our old space before we got this snazzy new firehouse. In the old days, she says she read her poetry and “probably my favorite time was at a cabaret fundraiser made up of hosts and youth from Twin Cities GLBT Host Home, which is a program that matches homeless GLBT youth with trained community volunteers (” For tonight and tomorrow, she be reading from her memoir in progress “My Transgender Husband: A Love Story,” which she’s been working on ever since “Marcus and I got married twice on New Years Eve in 2006–first in a religious ceremony and second in a civil ceremony. Since most objections to legalizing same-sex marriage are based in religion, we wanted to separate the religious and legal aspects of our wedding as a way to suggest one path through the acrimonious debate.”

Currently a teacher at the Loft, White has also taught in in a jail, a couple of halfway houses, and a program for teen parents. She says, “In each of those settings, I’ve encountered wonderful writers, by which I mean writers who have something to say that they express in a fresh, distinctive way.”