Jacqueline White

EDIT: I used the wrong last name.

It’s been six years since Jacqueline White has performed at Patrick’s, the first time occuring in our old space before we got this snazzy new firehouse. In the old days, she says she read her poetry and “probably my favorite time was at a cabaret fundraiser made up of hosts and youth from Twin Cities GLBT Host Home, which is a program that matches homeless GLBT youth with trained community volunteers (www.avenuesforyouth.org).” For tonight and tomorrow, she be reading from her memoir in progress “My Transgender Husband: A Love Story,” which she’s been working on ever since “Marcus and I got married twice on New Years Eve in 2006–first in a religious ceremony and second in a civil ceremony. Since most objections to legalizing same-sex marriage are based in religion, we wanted to separate the religious and legal aspects of our wedding as a way to suggest one path through the acrimonious debate.”

Currently a teacher at the Loft, White has also taught in in a jail, a couple of halfway houses, and a program for teen parents. She says, “In each of those settings, I’ve encountered wonderful writers, by which I mean writers who have something to say that they express in a fresh, distinctive way.”

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