Amy Trayers

Our next performer, Amy Trayers, is very excited to be making her Patrick’s Cabaret debut! I’m personally dying of jealousy over her that she’s performing (and awesomely) at only twelve, but she says “I am simply a young choreographer, who used to (and still does) crank up my favorite song and start singing and dancing without a care in the world, as other teens do… I want [the audience] to see that ANYBODY can choreograph; I especially want them to understand how Mr. Gershwin felt as he was dying and realizing he could no longer play his pieces. I hope I can speak to people through this dance; tell them to remember Gershwin, a musical genius whose music and memory is still alive today.”

Her performance this weekend has grown from a school project on George Gershwin: she “had to do a project about him and his life. Mr. Gershwin died of a brain tumor, and actually started experiencing his symptoms during a show when he became very dizzy and stopped playing for a few seconds. I listened to his ‘Second Prelude’ about 300 gazillion times, and let the steps just flow out of me. Choreographing dances is one of my favorite parts of dancing. I can express myself and other people’s feelings through my dancing.”

Her influences include Sir Kenneth MacMillan, especially his ballets, and her teacher Andrew Rist, in some of whose ballets she’s performed and all of which she’s loved. “It’s amazing watching him come up with brilliant moves right on the spot and being able to see his creative process.”


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