Kinetic Kitchen–Ray Terrill Dance Group

Yup, it’s that time again–Kinetic Kitchen!  Head on down this weekend for a whole lotta awesome. You will not be disappointed.

Ray Terrill took his first modern dance class, at the age of twenty-two, entirely by accident– and “instantaneously recognized that I was home.” He knew that dance was it for him, that it would “without question would sustain my interest and passion for the rest of my life.” He has been dancing for thirty-three years now, so it looks like that’s holding true! He fnished, “Creating and performing dance provides complete intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and physical fulfillment offering the opportunity to explore humanity.”

He has previously performed at the Cabaret as part of the Christopher Watson Dance Company, and his own group was onstage as part of a modern dance showcase a few years back. He originally moved to the Twin Cities because he intended to quit dancing. He was getting to a certain age; support for the arts in general, and funding for modern dance in particular, had reached a low point; and he didn’t relish the struggle of establishing his cred in a whole new town. As far as dancing went, he was going to be done with it.

Fate laughed really, really hard for awhile, and then got him a ticket to the Christopher Watson Dance Studio grand opening.

Long uneasy with a dance-less identity, Ray pondered taking some classes–and eventually ended up a member of the staff. Later Christopher invited him to perform with his company, and then to join its board of directors (he is still a member). However, “while I enjoyed performing with Christopher, I did miss the creative side of dance. So, gradually I began to make dances and formalize commitments to dancers.” Eventually it turned out that the Twin Cities had an infrastructure that could sustain far more dancers than that in Seattle or Portland. “At this stage of my dance life I am completely happy to work my day job and be able to produce my own work and present in showcases and fringe festivals. My feeling now is to just keep going until it feels right to stop.”

Let’s hope that’s a long ways off yet. But just in case, come out this weekend to see his group perform “State of Grace!” You will be moved.


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