Patrick’s Cabaret, 3010 Minnehaha Avenue, is a nonprofit performance space dedicated to supported local artists, especially queer artists, artists of color, youth artists, older artists, and artists with disabilities. You can find it all here–dancing (ballet, modern, hip-hop, zombie–yes, I wrote zombie), singing, instrumental music, storytelling, spoken word and/or performance poetry, skits, stand-up. Come on over and enjoy a fun, eclectic evening, and if you’re an artist yourself, sign up to be in an open-call cabaret (we’re the only place in Minneapolis that gives 100% of the door sales to the performers).


  1. Hi, All:

    I will come for a future performance, perhaps as soon as tomorrow night. This is intriguing, and I bet the art is engaging, too. I look forward to experiencing this.

    Who can read, recite, and what all? I would bring something to read in a heartbeat, something engaging, illuminating, brief. But who to ask?

    I’ll stop back from time to time. The blog I’ve read is already encouraging.

    Thank you,

    Pat O’Regan

  2. Have you guys heard (or better seen) Bonbon Bombay?

    the best acts I’ve EVER seen in all these years I’ve been remotely looking at all cabaret numbers.

    You know, people jumping out of their seats when the shows ends?

    All we can say is: “oh, I wish it was longer!”


    Thanks, keep up the good work!!

    Le Chat Piqué
    (who has dreams of opening a Cabaret House in Montréal and always in the look for amazing acts that will constitute the essence of the place. It’s true magic.)

  3. gosh. an English mistake.

    “Its true magic.”

    thanks again for your attention.

    • Actually, it was right the first time. 😉 If you’re interested in hearing about the practical sides of opening a cabaret, let me know and I may be able to put you in touch with the man who started ours!

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