So you think you can dance…

Or sing, or write poetry, or make films, or play a musical instrument, or tell stories, or do stand-up comedy, or do something so awesome and new we haven’t even heard of it yet. In any case, check out the bulletin below.

2009 Season Performer Opportunities
at Patrick’s Cabaret

Patrick’s Cabaret is looking for artists to perform in its 2009 season.
We are looking for artists of all genres, all ages, ethnicities, genders,
orientations and levels of experience. If it can happen on stage,
we will consider it. 15 minutes maximum length.

What do you need to do apply to be in a show?


See a cabaret at Patrick’s Cabaret.
If you want to perform at Patrick’s Cabaret, you have to have been to
a cabaret here first.
Here is our schedule of upcoming shows:
Fri 3 & Sat 4 Oct @ 8pm
Fri 24 & Sat 25 Oct @ 8pm
Fri 7 & Sat 8 Nov @ 8pm
Fri 14 & Sat 15 Nov @ 8pm
Fri 5 & Sat 6 Dec  @ 8pm
Fri 12 & Sat 13 Dec @ 8pm


Decide which weekend you would most like to perform. All shows are Friday and Saturday at 8 pm.

February 6 and 7
February 20 and 21
March 27 and 28
April 3 and 4
June 5 and 6
June 19 and 20
July 17 and 18
August 21 and 22
September 4 and 5
September 18 and 19
November 20 and 21
December 4 and 5


Contact Patrick ( )  with the following

• All of your contact info (name, address, e-ddress, phone number).

• The dates of your choice for performing. (Send first, second and
third choices, if you can be flexible on when you will perform. You
must commit to doing both nights of a weekend, and being at the
cabaret for the entire show.)

• The genre you are working in (dance, music, performance art…).

• A title for your work.

• A description of your work. (We use this info for marketing, sell
it to us, help us to understand the passion that drives you to create
and perform this work. We won’t require you to audition, but we do
need to be convinced that you believe in your work, and are willing
to promote it to people you know.)

• A high resolution publicity photo that we can use for promotion,
with photo credits. (This should not be a simple head shot,
we need images that will draw people to see you. Only send us photos that
you have permission to use to promote your show.)

No request will be considered that does not have all of the info requested above.

We accept performing requests on an ongoing basis. Apply in advance,
these performing slots fill up quickly. Application is by e mail only.

Payment:  Performers receive 100% of the ticket sales gross. Performers
will receive their share of the box office, but not less than
$100 per solo act, $150 per duet, and $200 for a trio or more. More
details on the box office split are at:

If you would like more information about the cabaret, please visit our web site: