Brianna Belland

1) You were most recently seen in a show at the Fringe Festival. How did that go? Had you performed at or attended the Fringe before ‘Slap-Dash?’
2) Can you tell us a little about the piece you’ll be doing this weekend, its genesis and your interest in performing it, etc.?
3) What is the most important thing you would like the audience to take from your performance this weekend?

1) Slap Dash went very well. It was great working with Kelly and it’s been so long since I’ve performed in a dance-based piece. The last time I performed at the Fringe was for my first ever supporting role in a play. I played Charlie in John Ervin’s “Catfight!” for the Fringe of ’08. It was at the same theatre (the Ritz), so it was bittersweet for me. I had never attended a Fringe show before this year (loved Semidarkness!), so it was nice that to see some of my friends perform, this year.

2) This weekend, I’ll be premiering the piece “One,” a duet featuring amazing dancers Kevin Dunnick and Jessica Ehlert. It’s modern dance and is about fighting the urge to only take negative routes in life, by resenting both yourself and those around you. The two dancers represent the same person, who is in a funk and wanting to solve the problem by being upset about it. The two dancers try to control the one mind, but it is not clear which dancer has the more positive (or “right”) intention. My first thoughts about this piece stemmed from my own personal guilt about the instances where I show negativity towards others and myself. Wanting to vent and admit that I’m not always right, and about holding a negative thought in, only to stumble upon another one.

3) I would like the audience to look at the struggle and try and differentiate the intention behind the two halves of the one person. Does one of them have to be positive? What does it mean if they both have negative intentions? This is me fighting against myself, for guilt’s sake, and not getting anything out of it, except more negativity and closed-mindedness.

Holy hot sauce, Batman! A new post!

First of all, I hope you’ll join all of us in wishing a fond farewell to our Communications Director, Rachel Hoffman, who is departing for the greener pastures of law school in North Dakota. Congratulations, Rachel!

And now, in the sparkling prose you have come to expect–nay, demand–from me, the basic information on the August shows. As always, more info can be found at Click on the calendar.

August 21st and 22nd Cabaret:

Marguerite Hanbery with “Gypsy Cello Music”

Brianna Belland performing “Alone/Together”

Music By Eric Moen

The Swiss Family Gorgunson, A new age comedy group

Dominic Hanft with the short film “First of the Month”

Dance by Joanie Mix

August 28th and 29th: An evening of hip-hop, breakin, spoken word, poppin, beatboxing, modern dance and singing.
Featuring choreography by Alanna Morris, Nicki Cullinan, Aneka McMullen, Debra McGee, Stephanie Shapso, Amy Sackett, and Arturo Miles. Poppin by Dancin Dave, music by Manboy, spoken word by Meta Def, singing by Alicia Steele. Beatboxing by Kailen Nelson.

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