Somewhat 90s Variety Show TOMORROW and Saturday

While my introduction to Arturo Miles’ “Somewhat Insert Theme Here Variety Show was the Somewhat Sci-fi Variety Show (so kickass, and guess what? There’s going to be a Part II in April! I am there), it all started a few years ago with his Somewhat 80s Variety Show. Has enough time passed that the 90s feel retro too? Arturo thinks so, and this Friday he will be joined by a variety of performers showing us just what the 90s meant to them. In Arturo’s case, he says that “the macarena was awful, fashion…was pretty funny…hip-hop was good!”

As for the performance itself (as always, starts at eight, tickets are ten bucks, you should definitely come! Come early if you want an actual seat!), “Aneka McMullen will be showcasing choreography inspired by the fly girls from In Living Color, B-Boy J-Sun will be throwing down a breakin’ set to 90’s beats… Manboy will sing, loop, and play the guitar to some of his 90s favorites. Aliisa Paris, Deonna and Deshonna Graylige will perform choreography to their favorite 90s cartoon themes. Anne Johnson and Nora Figl will also cover some 90s ballads. Bryce Davidson will give us another comedy improv set.” Arturo himself will be showcasing a 90s mix of comedy modern dance and a little lip-synce, plus some new waacking and house dance choreography.


Kohl Miner

Okay, this is going to be a short post for two reasons:

1. It was a short e-mail interview. I was trying to catch up on the blog, and so I limited myself to the most basic of questions.

2. There is no way I can concentrate with the enthusiastically cheering Obama people outside my window, intriguing me more with every passing second as to what I’m missing.

Therefore, other than a passing observation that the incomparable Kohl Miner bears a striking resemblance to Q (the dazzling, puckish omnipotent thorn-in-the-side to Captain Picard) I shall do no original work here at all, and instead give you a slap-dash Copy-Paste of the interview. Please forgive me. It’s the first election I’ve gotten to vote in, and so much is riding on it, and I feel like I’m going to burst.

1. What is it that you love most about the artistic work you do, and why?

I love the story telling aspect of my work. I dig hearing laughter. I love the rehearsal process. I like the juxtaposition thing that happens in my story telling. Comedy is such an incredible teaching tool and it’s so incredibly healing. I am totally into being an entertainer. Though most of my writing is semi-autobiographical, there are pieces that have no basis in my reality. “Dreams of Cheerleading” [from the last Out Rage Us] is one of those pieces.

2. How is performing at Patrick’s Cabaret and/or Out Rage Us different from doing so at other venues?

The audiences at Patrick’s have always been incredibly supportive. It has always been one of my favorite places to perform.

3. What would you say are the major influences on your work?

Cheech and Chong, AIM, marijuana, early David Bowie, Monty Python, early Saturday Night Live and my grandmother