Non Edwards

As promised, I bring you the fruits of e-mail interviews with the performers in the upcoming Pre-Fixe Cabaret (I am ashamed to tell you how very, very long it took me to get that pun). First on the menu: Non Edwards!

Non Edwards and her awesome name are not newcomers to Patrick’s Cabaret. In the summer of 2007, she performed here as part of Nora Bichler and Carla Bode’s Fringe Festival show “That Which Binds.” She’s been dancing since she was four or five, and took ballet and jazz through high school. However, she says, it wasn’t until she got introduced to modern dance her sophomore year at Grinnell College that dancing became the staple of her life that it is today. After just one year studying with Shawn Womack, she was completely, utterly, absolutely hooked. Shawn continues to be a huge influence and inspiration, with Non saying that “her performance quality has really stuck with me, and I think she’s a brilliant and poignant choreographer.”  She’s also a big fan of Ohad Naharin, though she regretfully notes that she has not seen his work live.

For her upcoming performance she will be showing three pieces. The first is an excerpt of a longer piece called ‘Lifeboat.’  For this trio she says, “I spent a lot of time reading about the atomic bomb–its creation, its lingering effects today, and what it would feel like to have the decision of life or death on one’s hands.” She originally choreographed it in  spring 2008 while dancing with the 940 Dance Company in Lawrence, Kansas. She also spent a lot of time developing movement in the studio alone and putting it on the dancers during rehearsal and seeing how things evolved.
The second piece (replacing the previously scheduled ‘Hallelujah’) is an improvised duet between Non and cellist Daniel Furuta. They improvise together every now and then, and though some dancers might find the fact that Daniel is really interested in playing the cello in unconventional ways rather disconcerting, Non says that “considering some of the things I’ve used for a sound score, it’s not as disconcerting to me as it is to most people. He’s also a really great improvisor and has been doing some composing, so it’s a great mutual learning experience for us.”
The last piece is a quintet titled “Trial & Error” that she choreographed last spring (also with the 940 Dance Company). She explains: “I was thinking about ways that we hold ourselves and the people we love back. I was contemplating moving to the Twin Cities at the time, and it was kind of my way of working out the things that were keeping me from doing it and the ways that the TC kept drawing me here.”
Right now Non says that “I really just want to do as much as possible at this point to kind of figure out what I want. I am interested in doing really physical and visually pleasing work right now, but that’s not to say I don’t appreciate or want to be making more conceptual work in the future…And I’d love to be performing work other than just my own, so if there are any choreographers out there looking for a dancer, let me know!”  Anyone looking to get in contact with her or join her e-mail list can shoot her a letter at