Bisexual Cabaret

Up next in our GLBT series of cabarets, we have the Bisexual Cabaret! By now y’all know the drill–show starts at eight, try to get there by seven-thirty to get a seat, tickets are ten dollars unless you know an artist and then you can get them for eight. Expect interviews to be popping up today, tomorrow, and maybe even Saturday afternoon just before the show. It’s looking seriously awesome, and I’m not just saying that because I’m in it.

…oh yeah, I was going to mention that. I’m in it.

I’m super-nervous, actually, because I’m doing a Speech Team style lecture/skit–and I haven’t been in Speech Team for three years. (I’ll try not to fail you, Coach Sluder!) Practical questions of forgotten technique aside, I’m not sure I know how to give a speech without a freezing cold 6 a.m. bus ride first. Or without wearing a suit. And the lemon drops! I don’t have any lemon drops (official candy of Speech Team). And–

Okay, trip down Memory Lane now over, I promise. I won’t even get into the talking to walls, or the Pony Game, or the applause etiquette–no. No. Stopping now. Anyway, I hope you’ll come out to see me. My sketch is called “The Three Bisexual Women You Meet in Fiction (Who Are All Actually the Same Person). It’s an examination of the depraved bisexual trope and the issues I have with it, and three characters who I feel embody it, but also subvert it. Basically I stand onstage and rabidly fangirl over the Intendant, Nicole Wallace, and Mystique for ten minutes. Good times will be had be all, unless you hate fangirls and fangirling, in which case you’ll probably want to punch me in the face with a knife.

Hmm, that was violent. I should probably end this on a heartwarming note. Guess what? My mom’s driving up from Illinois to see me! *cue “awwww” sound*