I swear I will finish typing someday…

Someday I will finish typing up the transcript of my interview with the incomparable Wendy Brown-Baez, and then turn to the task of editing it down into an article for your edification. Someday I will also figure out a reasonable length for a list of interview questions. Oh, and I have plans to learn American Sign Language too. Just thought I’d throw that in there. In the meantime, here is one of her poems. Enjoy.

all is as wing
all is as song
all is a story quietly told
while the wars are endlessly hunkered down
down the boys go, hole in the ground
down the grenades, the age-old fear
the night-soaked armor and bomb-blasted tearall is as wing
all is as gold
when the owners have nothing left to own
and poverty lines up, holds out its hand
and the child scrambles low, scrapes sand
for a kernel of rice, begs a handful of beans
more precious than pearlsall is well and all will be
wings, while wheels turn and clank,
war grins and grins, down forest, down
treasure, down moral motive and quest.
a bag of beans, the price of a bomb?
how can you compare, what does it mean?
I feel the earth groan and the seas heave and swell:
where will you be when you hear the death knell?