Laura Littleford

And in the kind of above-and-beyond investigative journalism you’ve come to expect from me, I’ve copy-pasted information on Laura Littleford from the Patrick’s Cabaret website below, that you may edify yourselves. I will finish typing up the transcripts of my in-person interviews. No, really, I will. I swear. No, no, I’m not crossing my fingers. That’s, um, a secret Star Trek hand gesture. Yeah.

Laura Littleford is an award-winning writer, performer, and teacher, who specializes in the arts as a tool of healing. Her one-woman shows have toured the Midwest and been featured at national and international health conferences.

“Romeo and Juliet in Winnipeg” is a true account of a thwarted high school romance in 1968-1969. Caught between two warring Southern Baptist families (religious wars of the ’60s), she and her boyfriend lived out the tumult of the nation and the 1960s religious wars.

This is both a unique slice of Minnesota history–Southern Baptists in Minnesota–and a universal story of love and coming of age. Of course, anything about Southern Baptists is funny but also maddening–“Romeo and Juliet in Winnipeg” will be both outraged and poignant.