Heidi Barton Stink

Heidi is super pumped for her first performance here at Patrick’s Cabaret. Check out her awesome music video:

“Love Who” by Heidi Barton Stink from Dan Huiting on Vimeo.

Growing up in South Minneapolis, Heidi was attracted to hip hop because “if you can make people bob their heads they will listen to what you have to say. You can be very direct as long as you make it sound nice.” She has been influenced by a wide variety of artists, from “that positive sounding east coast stuff like Tribe Called Quest and De La Souls” and “harder stuff like Nas and Wu Tang” when she was growing up, to “indie and locally based stuff like POS, Doomtree, Heiruspecs, Aesop Rock, and Mirconauts” when she began preparing to  perform. She also became very aware of queer artists such as Tori Fixx, Scream Club, deep dickcollective and Soce the Elemental Wizard, who proved influences as well. Heidi began her hip hop career more interested in abstract word play before using the music to delve into issues, which she called “a good starting place, because I had the privilege of learning how to make my raps sound cool first, then when I came out as trans and had some issues I wanted to talk about I had a medium that I had already refined to serve as my outlet.”

This weekend she will “express some of the thoughts and feelings I and a lot of the people I know have about gender, sexuality, oppression, capitalism and how people relate to one another…I want to trigger as many emotional responses as possible. If I leave a show, performance or movie, having laughed, cried and/or learned something I will probably come back for more.”

You can download her music for free at http://bartonstink.bandcamp.com/