Tucker Dryden

Filmmaker Tucker Dryden got into film because it “just seemed like the most natural approach, probably since you have the ability to tell your stories in many different ways and can convey your message without actually having to come right out and say it.  That, and I cannot draw.”  Tucker will be making his first (hopefully of many) appearance at Patrick’s Cabaret this weekend, showing his work “TV/VCR,” the story of two guys who set out to replace their broken TV/VCR combo with one off of Craigslist.  “TV/VCR” is the longest short in a series originally created out of a desire to tell several different stories about the main characters, but with different people playing them each time.  This particular short has actually been sitting on the shelf for quite some time, so it’s great that it’ll finally get an audience!

I’ll leave you with some more words of wisdom from Tucker: “No matter how much praise you can get for a short film, you’ll still get kicked out of a party intended for Randy Quaid.”