Vas Littlecrow

Well, the Transgender Cabaret is almost upon us, and you know what that means: more interviews!

Vas Littlecrow collaborated on a video project with Tommy Stone awhile back at Patrick’s Cabaret, but Friday will be her first time in front of one of our live audiences. When explaining who Vas Littlecrow is, she calls up her mother’s definiton: “an overworked and creative naturally-born drag queen with no discernable conscience–but this is far from an insult. An artist dynamo, this weekend’s show comes from her “anger and…compulsion to make all that is ugly and fucked up with my life into stuff that’s superficially cute and sparkly. As a model and a cabaret dancer, my whole career is based on being hyperfemenine…Also, puppets make everything better.” She dances, sings, models, draws, and “lives to entertain and make people think without realizing that they are doing so.” Of her multidisciplinary work, she says, “I often wonder how people can chose to work in a single discipline without getting bored out of their skulls. Working in multiple disciplines just feels natural to me. It appeals to all of my senses.”

Visual Arts Services by Littlecrow, or VAS Littlecrow “came out of the ashes of ZNLArts, an underground zine and publishing outfit” that she started as a teenager. “After making efforts to end a post-divorce pill, sex, and booze habit, society congratulated my accomplishments by making me completely unemployable and unqualified for government aid. I rebuilt my business under it’s new guise using nothing but library Internet access, moochable friends, art supplies scrounged from a garbage can, and my naked body.” Two years later she was a minor Internet celebrity (and doing much better financially). “My current husband, generous patron and dom, who we’ll call Loki, is the only original member of the VAS Littlecrow team besides me that remains. The VL line-up changes more often than Cher changes outfits, but the current crew has been pretty solid thus far.”

Her biggest hope for the show is “that people can see how much I care about my creations. My silliness will shine through. You see, when we ridicule our fears and turn our tears into creativity, our inner demons lose their power. It’s amazing stuff to me.” Hear, hear.